Simple Mood-Boosting Tasks You Can Complete While Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding isn’t always the most easiest or exciting task to do in motherhood.

Breastfeeding is one of the ways in which we do bond with our babies and if we are lucky it goes smoothly.

It can also be an exhausting task and time-consuming especially if you are trying to get your milk to come in.

I remember I would sit for hours on the couch while my newborn cluster-fed to trigger his milk supply.

While at times it was a bonding experience I also got bored and realized that I could maximize this time to take care of me and him.

I am 6 months postpartum and still breastfeeding our son.

If you are breastfeeding or getting ready to give birth, these tricks may also be nourishing for you.

Read & Listen.

Read stories from people who inspire you.

Listen to your favorite podcasters; listen to comedy sketches.

It may help you stay inspired, up-to-date with the world or ease your mind especially if you are having a hard day in motherhood.

Netflix & nurse.

Ever heard of Netflix and chill? Well in motherhood we Netflix & nurse.

Breastfeeding can be a bonding experience but also time to take care of you.

Set aside a nursing session to watch one of your shows and enjoy it!

Virtual groups.

Connect with a Mommy community online via a Facebook group or online forum and share your journey.

This has helped me a ton while breastfeeding.

Don’t feel ashamed to get support and ask for resources!

Surf the web

Take time to surf the web.

  • Get lost in your search.
  • Check out articles on mommy blogs for resources and support.
  • Read the news.
  • Stalk your favorite celebrity
  • Play on social media

The internet is a resource. Use it!

Eye gaze

If your baby loves to look at you while nursing, spend time eye gazing together.

It has melted my heart a few times so much that I was in a puddle of tears.

Reach out to friends and family.

In motherhood it is easy to disappear into you and baby world.

Reach out to friends and family.

Let them know how you are!

Listen to Music

Music has been a great tool for me in my breastfeeding journey.

Explore a new playlist on spotify. Discover a new artist.

Listen to music that makes you feel good!

Scroll through photos of your baby from the very first day they were born.

This can be a heart-warming exercise.

It is pretty neat to see the subtle changes our little ones go through.


Daydream and visualize the future of your life with your little one and or goals you want to achieve.


Have a goal set in mind?

Take time to mind-map it or brainstorm possible outcomes and solutions.


Free-write in your journal or pull up an app.


Take time to pay bills and take care of financial responsibilities.


Sing to your baby.

Your little one will love it.


Close your eyes and practice being present for a few minutes.
Check in with your body and mind.

What do you need? What are you noticing?


Eat a snack. Eat a meal.

Eat something sweet.

Make sure you are replenishing what it depleted.


Talk to your baby.

Share what your favorite moments together.

Share whatever your heart wants to say to your little one.

Read to your baby

Get a simple book and read to your baby while he/she nurses.


Drink water.

Breastfeeding takes a lot out of us physically.

Hydration is KEY to our health.

Space off

Honestly, this might sound a little silly but I have done it sometimes.

Go on a mini-vacation for a few minutes and let your mind drift off somewhere.

Let your imagination run wild with it.

Snuggle your pet

Invite your pet to come snuggle beside you.

Pets naturally boost our mood and calm our anxiety.

Connect with your spouse

Talk with your spouse.

Catch up on life outside of having a baby.


Take deep breaths and sigh it out of your mouth.

Relax your jaw and facial muscles.

Breathing helps brings us back to the present and into our bodies.

Prayer & Gratitude

If you are a person who prays, say a prayer and talk to God in your mind.

Science has shown gratitude helps us maintain happiness.

Meditate on what and who you are grateful for in your life.

Personal Reflection

Reflect on your day. Recollect what you did together with your little one.

What were the highlights? What did you learn?


Acknowledge yourself for being a bad-ass woman, mom and human!

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