It’s Okay to Love Your Child But Not Motherhood

It’s time to bust the perfect mom myth

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We aren’t allowed to feel safe in our emotional journey as we shift from an individual to a unit.

The journey of becoming a mother is not the pretty pictures on Instagram.

There is no perfect mom

Dr. Alexandra Sacks, a top reproductive psychiatrist describes the experience of motherhood in her book, “What No One Tells You: A Guide to Your Emotions from Pregnancy to Motherhood” as moments of ambivalence because every mother is constantly juggling between giving and taking.

“But every mother will have moments of ambivalence, because she’s always juggling between giving and taking.” — Dr. Alexandra Sacks

You may be striving to fulfill the perfect mother image only to feel conflicted and disappointed when your feelings don’t match the expectation you are trying to live up to.

Trust your own intuition

Everyone will have a way and say on how to do things with your child.

Trust your intuition in how you feel and care for yourself and your family.

This simple tool will build up a mother’s confidence in her role.

Intuition gives us a validation that we can’t get from anyone else.

It is a small nudge in the right direction and can make a world of a difference when being a mother can be a demanding and confusing role.

You don’t have to love motherhood

The truth of it is you don’t have to love motherhood.

It doesn’t make you less of a mother if you aren’t head over heels in love with motherhood.

And why do you have to love motherhood to be a good mom?

Mothers put in enough work, passion and commitment to their little ones that they don’t need more pressure to feel in love all the time.

It is a bit unrealistic to place this kind of extreme thinking on someone.

It’s okay to miss the life you had before

When we launch into motherhood often times we grieve our former lives.

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