In Defense of the Anti-Abortion Law Rape Victims

the impact of rape, sexual trauma and forced pregnancy

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An adolescent girl isn’t even self-sufficient or deemed mature enough to life judgments.

How can we force her to go through through pregnancy much less motherhood?

As a result of this bill, we will see the mental health epidemic increase, drug abuse increase and more dysfunctional unhealthy families.

Young girls deserve more.

My heart breaks for the adolescent girls who have been and will be raped.

I remember feeling terrified that he would rape me.

I can’t imagine if he did rape me and I had gotten pregnant.

I can’t imagine this life for a young girl.

The trauma of sexual abuse is enough on it’s own.

A young girl shouldn’t have to be forced into motherhood or to carry her rapist’s baby.

The innocent don’t get a choice.

Young girls don’t get to choose what happens to their bodies if they are raped and pregnant.

Their lives become unimportant compared to the life that is inside of them.

They are seen as vessels to birth a human in the world no matter what happened to them.

They don’t get a choice. They don’t have a voice.

Who gets to say what happens to the victims of sexual assault?

Their bodies will carry the imprint of sexual violence and trauma.

They will bear the burden of giving birth to an unwanted child from a horrific experience.

No young girl should have to face these circumstances.

The impact of sexual trauma.

As a victim of sexual abuse as a young girl I have lived with the suffering of that experience for years.

To live a normal healthy life takes work from such terrifying acts of violence.

Recovering from sexual violence and abuse is a long journey.

Anti-abortion laws will only add trauma to the victims of rape and incest.

Being raped is a matter of force.

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