How You Can Find Yourself When You are Feeling Stuck

Four practices that can bring you clarity instantly

Emily Stroia


Photo by Cecilia Medina on Unsplash

There is a sacred process of coming home to one's self. It requires deep listening, dialogue, self-analysis and relentless commitment to your process.

It cannot be compared to another's journey. It is unique in the way your signature is yours and only yours.

In my own journey of arriving home I find that I am letting go of this traumatic response to protect myself from people and avoid relationships.

In our quest for truth I think rather than constantly striving for more to find validation we can work with what we have and build on our fundamental core values.

These core values are what one creates for themselves and is one step towards freedom. When you are in touch with your core values you know what is right for you regardless of outside influence.

You are conscious and aware of the inner voice within.

You are conscious and aware of the messages your body sends to you.

As I’ve started to rebuild my identity after trauma I am discovering who I am and what makes me feel at home.

I am discovering what my deep core values are which I think if you are a survivor sometimes that it is hard to identify and proclaim as yours.

A sacred practice of being with myself in the quiet and listening to my own inner voice gives me peace. It gives me a chance to find my center and apply these tools in my every day life.

By pausing and finding stillness in your breath you can settle into space and wisdom.

Here you can access your truth and inner compass.

By being committed to these 4 practices you will access a wisdom that is truly yours. You will find your own inner truth in whispers and nudges.

Deep listening.

We listen all the time in everyday conversation but how often do we spend time listening to ourselves?



Emily Stroia

Psych therapist in training. I write about mental health, trauma, well-being, and spirituality. Stay for a while.