How CBD is Improving my Mental Health and My Life

Emily Stroia
3 min readJun 28, 2019

the therapeutic benefits can be long-lasting

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Can CBD or Cannabidiol improve your mental health?

What is CBD and why is it all the rage today?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a non psycho-active compound extracted from cannabis and hemp plants.

In basic translation you will reap the benefits of the plant without getting high.

As a new mom and trauma survivor I’ve been curious about the benefits of CBD.

I heard CBD could possibly improve mental health and relieve my PTSD/anxiety symptoms which sparked my curiosity.

I was craving a tool to aid me in moments when my anxiety is high or my PTSD symptoms have increased. However I didn’t want to feel “high”.

Being a stay-at-home mom I want to be 100% present for my son so it was important to me to find a CBD that could relieve my symptoms without interrupting my ability to be present.

Studies have shown CBD can not only improve mental health, relieve anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy and pain. Research has also shown that it may be a superbug infection fighter.



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