and what I’ve learned from it

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She had jet black hair framed with an edge around her face, chestnut brown eyes and cherry red painted fingernails.

She took little white pills every morning with a glass of water.

They made her feel better — she said.

Some would call her Juliana.

I called her the perfect muse.

Date nights we painted each other’s nude bodies and finished cheap red wine.

“Te amo”, she said.

Love was the one word in our broken communication we understood clearly.

Our sex was vanilla.

Her inexperience turned me off as quickly as it turned me on.

The chemistry fizzled like an alka-seltzer tablet dropped in water.

Not even our fantasies of clear communication and better sex could save us.

It was a warm sunny day in Los Angeles, California.

I swiped right on a guy who looked like the real deal.

He had wide-framed brown glasses, short salt and pepper hair with chocolate brown eyes.

His skin, the color of light mocha.

The black goatee around his lightly chapped lips turned me on.

He pulled up in a shark grey 2016 Mustang GT with heart-pumping exhaust and racing stripes.

I was dressed in a rose pink sweater and black ripped jeans.

Our first date was at a restaurant that overlooked the beach.

The sun started to paint the sky in its usual evening dance of lavender, turquoise and magenta hues.

My heart raced as he ordered our first meal of scallop ceviche, tuna tartare and stuffed mushrooms.

He took a photo of me while we taste tested our appetizers.

“Why are you taking a photo of me?”, I asked.

“Trust me, it will mean something later”, he said.

Maybe it was the universe that day that brought us together or the hands of fate.

But he was right.

Two ½ years later I am still staring into his chocolate brown eyes with our sixth-month-old son cooing by our sides.

Regardless of sex, I have always been a woman to fall in love with a person who has a tender heart and a good soul.

I like to think I have loved a diverse collective of people in my life.

And it has taught me one thing, love sees beyond labels.

It is pure and felt within.

It is human.

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