You will never be the perfect parent but you can find grace.

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Do you ever just feel like a complete idiot in parenting? The mom guilt is strong today. After losing my patience with my son I just want to crawl in a shell and whip myself for being an ass.

Why couldn’t I be more patient? Why didn’t I try that one technique I read in the positive parenting book for conscious parents? Why can’t I be like the Instagram mom who seems to just have her shit together all the time? Is that even real?

Some moments and days I feel like I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing and I ask myself why I signed up for motherhood. But then my son looks me in my eyes and says “ove you mama” and all my self beat-up melts away. I’m constantly trying to be better in all ways in my life and sometimes it’s an exhausting journey. …


Emily Stroia

Self-help & mental health writer. Can't do small talk. Mama. Yogi. Coffee lover. Nature explorer. Get my free meditation mini-course here:

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