4 Easy Steps to Kick a Mental Funk

Turn your foggy state into a personal retreat

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Being in a mental funk can feel like a dance between slight depression or walking with a dark cloud suspended overhead.

It can be a see-saw of emotions, none of which feel good or bring clarity or peace.

You might feel like any minute could be the catalyst — the cherry on top — where you let go of the tiny thread of hope that has been keeping you afloat and gently slide into depression.

Is this what it feels like to be in a mental funk?

You aren’t really anywhere.

You go to work. You show up and get things done but at a snail’s pace.

You do the bare minimum to stay in touch so people don’t think you went AWOL.

You are still taking care of yourself but it feels like so much more effort.

It’s uncomfortable to relate to the world but yet you crave human interaction so you scroll mindlessly through Instagram feeds and Facebook photos.

If anyone asks how you are, you reply with an “I’m good” because it feels too confusing to explain how you really feel.

This is what it feels like to be in a mental funk — at least for me.

I’ve been in one for a little over a month and am starting to feel the fog lift.

In my own process of sorting through grief and soul searching I started to treat my experience as a personal retreat.

I started journaling more, meditating for 2–5 minutes a day, hiking and getting outside for at least 20 minutes every day.

I lessened my interaction on social media and put space with friends andfamily.

I didn’t go completely quiet but I shared I was going through a funk and was processing some things.

My dreams got more spiritual.

I felt closer to the universe.

Instead of feeling worse or the same my thoughts became a little more positive and optimistic.

I started to slowly feel better.

This approach got me thinking.

What if we could approach this time and treat it as a sacred and personal retreat for growth and perspective?

People go on retreats and vacations all the time.

Instead of having to travel to find peace from your circumstances, what if you learned how to surf these waves by creating your own retreat?

These are 4 tools I learned to turn your foggy state into a personal retreat.

Be your own mentor

In my process I started treating myself like I was my own mentor. I asked myself daily:

  1. What do you need today no excuses?
  2. What is one healthy action you can take today?
  3. What are you committed to despite what you feel?

If that meant getting outside and forcing myself to go see the sunset I did it.

Ask yourself these questions and make it a personal practice and part of your retreat to take care of you.

Take space

Personal retreats require space and time.

Carve out a tiny slot of space and time for you.

Skip the happy hour with co-workers for the week or cut back on social media scrolling.

Find a good book to read. Pick up a pair of gym weights and exercise. Go for an adventure to a new place in your city. Write. Meditate.

Go to a yoga class.

Whatever it is be consistent every day with giving yourself time.

Get creative

Creativity doesn’t mean pull out your old paints and do arts & crafts.

Maybe you have a habit of taking photos on your phone.

Can you make a creative collage from them?

Maybe you KonMari your Google drive or redecorate your home.

Maybe you reinvent your fashion style or entire look.

This is your retreat.

Let your imagination have fun with this.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

I think retreats are special because it gives us an excuse to really get to know ourselves again.

Don’t expect to come back enlightened but maybe a lighter happier version of yourself.

This is your time to explore your inner world of emotions, thoughts and desires.

Let your curiosity guide you.

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Self-help & mental health writer. Can't do small talk. Mama. Yogi. Coffee lover. Nature explorer. Get my free meditation mini-course here: www.emilystroia.com

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