11 Inspirational Writing Prompts To Help You Write

Being a writer has it’s ups and downs.

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One minute you are inspired and can’t wait to sit down and write. You have a million ideas and words ready to flow through you. You are in your creative zone of genius and it feels great!

Then something happens.

We get imposter syndrome.

We feel overwhelmed and stuck at where to go next in our writing.

One day turns into another day which turns into a week and then before you know it you haven’t put a word down in who knows how long!

Haha. The irony of being a writer.

I know how it feels. This has been my own process so many times!

I love to write and yet honestly sometimes I can’t find the words. Or I start critiquing my writing in my head even before it hits the paper.

It sucks.

That’s why I put together some of my favorite writing prompts that help me get in the flow and hopefully will for you too!

One of my favorite writing prompts from Natalie Goldberg’s book, Living the Writer Life:

Start your prompt with “I remember”….

And then reverse it to “I don’t remember”…

I am always surprised at what comes up!

This is a writing prompt I recently shared with my students. Absolutely love it and find it funny interesting where it takes me!

The stories I want to tell…

A writing prompt from one of my favorite artists & authors, Sabrina Ward Harrison.

On my walls I would write…

A prompt that has inspired several of my pieces especially in my latest book, Into the Light.

The space between…

A writing prompt from the Practice You Journal by Elena Brower.

This is what home feels like…

To spark your creativity on quiet mornings, try this!

In the silence I hear…

I appreciate this prompt so much. It reminds me of what it is I am truly facing and realizing.

I am letting go of…

A meditative question I like to start off my writing process with.

Where do I want to go today?

Posing this question and free-writing from it shows me intuitively where my inner writer wants to go. It’s great.

Often times when I am stuck in my writing process I will write a letter from my wise self to my self now.

Dear [your name], I am witnessing you…

A conversation with nature or the universe. Try creating a dialogue with nature or the universe on a walk or in your journal.

Nature/Universe… what is my message?

I love the simplicity of this one.

I am searching for…

Happy writing. I would love to know how these help your writing practice!

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